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Youth March for Climate Change

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Tsmil Nadu is one of the top Ten Mangrove Forested areas in India. But many areas, like the ones Katha works in, in Pazhaverkadu, are degraded mangroves. Forests that have been cut down for corporate interests.

On July 22, 2022, our children from Pazhaverkadu, (meaning the Forests of Old Roots) will be taking out a drive for the MANGROVE, our champion against Climate Change!

The mangrove forests of Tamil nadu have stopped the tsunami on its tracks!

We know how imnportant they are in the lives and safety of our children.

So the

We ❤️ Mangrove Drive

Get Inspired | July 22 to July 26th!

join us from 22.722 to 26.7.22 when the world celebrates International Mangrove Day, we in our quiet corner will be planing baby mangroves ... JOIN US!

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