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Living Our Best Sustainable Lives

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

We learn a lot from our children and their mothers. How to say ENOUGH! How to lead sustainable lives.

It is two sides of the same coin, isn't it?

Frugality and Poverty

What some may call poverty, we at Katha are learning to recognize as (maybe poverty induced) but a healthy sense of living within NATURE'S MEANS. Being frugal doesn't mean not having the best of what life offers. It is just how we define "BEST."

As Gandhiji said, "There is enough for everyone's need; nopt for everyone's greed."

We believe that the best frugality we can give our children is, simply put,

"The best our children deserve, not merely what their parents can afford.

Hence, the Katha Magic Labs

The Katha Magic Labs' StoryPedagogy(TM) brings the magic of SCIENCE to every child.


stands for --

Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths.

Social studies. Earth studies. Arts , crafts & humanities.

“It is Magic! We just looove our Magic Lab!"

Every child creates their own discovery space in the Magic Lab -- no pressure. No learning loss. They learn as they want to learn. BAS😊

We Create Relevant Content

Since 1990, the Katha Relevant Education for All-round Development has been our KREAD.

With and for our KADL KIDS we start with Traditional Knowledge, add a dollop of adventure and discovery, a pinch of continuous assessment and a large dream of open skies where stories are the Queens!

“We said we are scared of reading. Katha has opened the world of knowledge to us and filled our spaces with picture books that are just too tempting. They say, Read them if and when you want ...” We are reading them NoW !!!

Our children start reading when they are ready ... and then


They are reading faster and with more joy within a short period of time. The magic of

watchful expectancy and masterly inactivity

my father's favourite reminder for himself as a family doctor and a parent comes in to serve all our teachers. Don't rush in. Children can dioit! if given a little patience:))

Our fabulous mentors are past masters at "masterly inactivity:)))"

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