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Katha: making reading fun!

Updated: Apr 3, 2022


Katha is a registered nonprofit working in India. We at Katha build our initiatives on the singular powerful idea that children can create change for themselves.

We build excitement in our students. As Reader-Leaders, they help their communities become empowered, run community owned and operate libraries (COOL!s) which help them to read for fun and meaning. Our Thinkbooks give the COOL!Kids BIG IDEAS that inspire them to build an equitable, sustainable India.

A TOUCH OF CLASS! When a private school has A Touch of Class, it indeed has a TOUCH OF CLASS! (Contact for more details.

ECTC, Each Child Teach a Child is a very simple to understand, use, assess and make into a habit for every child!

At Katha Utsavs and the Katha National Writers Workshops, our experienced mentors create fascinating workshops for children from across the socio-economic chasms, into a more compassionate leadership of caring and sharing.

our stakeholders

Children, ages 4-17 years. Early learners. Children. Tweens. Teens. Young adults. From municipal, corporation, district schools; private school; slum/rural communities.

Adults who work with children — librarians, teachers, school librarians, women from communities, members of SMCs/PTAs, senior citizens, writers, theatre people etc.

We work with women, who have lived in poverty all their lives, asking for nothing better than quality education for their children. "We do not want our children to live as we do, in perpetual hunger," they say.

translating stories, transforming lives

Children and story are at the centre of Katha’s universe. Katha is driven on the single powerful idea that children can bring sustainable change to themselves and India.

Our innovative publishing fosters translation as a non-divisive tool in nation building.

We help our communities to translate their own stories into transforming their lives, empowering more equitable futures .

Katha is a globally recognized nonprofit which works quality publishing and grassroots work to enhance the joy of reading and the love of books, ebooks., through traditional and tools of the digital age amongst children living in poverty.

Our award winning books can be found in 17,000 libraries reaching out to 10 lakh children. Our unique StoryPedagogy.™ builds excitement in lakhs of girls and boys, giving them the power to reach their potential; bring themselves out of poverty.

Leading edge strategies for teacher education and community mobilization drive change that is sustainable and real.

Bringing communities of children together to cooperatively become reader-leaders is a well documented and awarded programme of Katha’s. Invited by the Delhi government to bring all children to grade level reading for fun.

Katha ( is a registered nonprofit, started by Geeta Dharmarajan, in 1988 and who has been the wind beneath our wings since then. We have built our work on the bold and singular vision that children can be the change they want to see.

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