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“[Katha]A special and unique moment in Indian publishing history” — The Economic Times

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

we build excitement in every book!

2000 years of storytelling

We bring India’s beloved fabulists, fictionists, and poets from 21 Indian languages in intra-basha translation, celebrating India’s amazing cultural and linguistic diversities! Our poems recreate the wonder of Indian wordsmiths from 2000+ years ago.

the world's best

Some of the world’s best illustrators/painters work with us. Artists like MF Hussain, …, … rub shoulders with some of India’s best illustrators for children.

From top: Sunil Shyam | Suddhasattwa Basu | Atanu Roy " A Ramachandran | Sayed Haider Raza | Paul Klee

different genres

We keep interest of children high and foster a willingness to read; understand the human predicament.

just imagine!

Our books help our young readers to love books. The best of poetry fiction, nonfiction.

create a sustainable, equitable world for themselves. We help children read for change! YOUNG READERS learn with us to:

  • create a kinder world;

  • break stereotypes;

  • promote equity for all life forms

  • understand Climate Change and sustainable consumption;

  • celebrate the differences in India’s amazing plurality.

We Link diversities. Forge identities.

quality books

Thirty years of experience in bringing great reading to every child, helping new/diffident readers come to grade-level reading, increasing their ability to understand BIG ideas and how to put them to work!

High-quality content and design to match the learning needs of children at different reading levels!

No wonder about 9.1 million children have learnt to read with us — (80% of our books go only to libraries; we have taken a very conservative 5 readers/book to arrive at this number.)

exciting and rich content

To support close reading and reading for meaning, our books develop in readers a deeper understanding of social issues that confront them; personal leadership and imagination that elude them; cultural and environmental awareness that raises their self esteem. In 8 Indian languages

we celebrate girls

Katha books often have girls as protagonists. They help boys understand why they hold up only half the sky; and why respecting girls is a win-win-situation for all!

we increase every child's ability to read their world


if you are a translator from any bhasha, or an illustrator, do write to us at We have a soft spot for you in our hearts:))

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