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Katha Magic Labs

learning centre

the Centre for Sustainable Learning


The Centre for Sustainable Learning is a learning organization in its own right! Set up in 1990, it is a design thinking unit,  our action research helps us to always be equipped to teach Every Child the way she wants to learn. We believe it is important that we have the patience for "masterly inactivity, watchful expectation.
     We have heard our experienced teachers and mentors say,"Just waiting and seemingly doing nothing is the favoured Katha Marg, with children who are curious, creative, critical thinkers, in classrooms that disrupt poverty. Children learn. when they are driven from inside.
     True to its calling, the Centre provides the springboard for all grassroots work under KADL. Under it is 


kalpana vilasam 
the centre for creativity in education.

  • The Centre also is in charge of the teacher education programmes under KADL.

  • This centre works closely with the Ideation Cell, to produce teaching learning materials for the Bhim!Unbuk way of Teaching. We bring Katha's strengths and our tried and tested methodologies into our Tamil Nadu initiatives, so that EVERY CHILLD realizes her potential.

Katha Magic Labs

Katha magic labs

Katha Magic Labs are situated in government primary schools. They enhance the joy of reading for  KADL kids.


Katha Magic Labs are in rural India, in Tiruvalur District, Tamil Nadu.

On 22.5.22, we start at Takra, Khunti District, Jharkhand, in partnership with the Tribal Design Forum.

Katha Magic Labs

i love reading

The I Love Reading campaigns bring the joy of reading  for meaning through cooperative learning in schools and communities.

Started in 2004, today we reach across India through our 300M partners, as well as directly, through Katha's own initiatives with government and the National Stock Exchange.

Katha Magic Labs

300 million
citizens challenge

There are 300 million children in school. 50 percent of them, or 15 crore children cannot read. Our intervention is simple to understand, adopt, use and assess: ECTC!

visit our portal with exciting stuff for kids in 8 languages!

Katha Magic Labs


Katha started a Bricks & Clicjs initiative in 2001, with the Katha Info Tech School, KITES. Since then our work within the walls of  a school have always been complemented by digital work through  our award-winning app, devices and other softwares.

During the height of Covid-19, we started the Katha Homeschooling Academy, for students without devices, who were getting left behind, in the NCR region.

katha tamil nadu TEAM MEMBERS.

geeta dharmarajan

executive president, kadl initiative

chief investigator, kadl research

parvinder kaur

Executive Director, Katha

k. dharmarajan

principal volunteer & coo, kadl

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rajesh sundararajan

chief sustainability officer

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reeta sutradhar

director, schools


coordinator, STEM

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vinodh sundarajan

chief technology officer

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s. nepolian

senior programme manager

muthu selvi

coordinator 4 arts centre

charbak dipta

head, art, animation & music lab

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academic coordinator

amudha m

cooking is a game you can eat!

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