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Children In Poverty | Katha Magic Labs

We are
warriors against poverty.

courtesy, wethepeople

We are the Adivasi & Dalit Children
of India. Join our war against poverty:)) through relevant, quality education


of us, youth warriors, who live in rural india  cannot read to save our lives



75 years after india's independence, we, the young people of india, still wait ...


but we have news! 


Katha Magic Labs
in 2022

will teach us the way we want to learn.     to stand tall as reader-leaders!


we all belong to
one home. India!

we have one land to enrich with traditional knowledge & 21st century skills!

we call ourselves the  kadl kids

Nearly 75 years after India won her freedom, we, the children of "India's First Peoples," are still treated as if we don't matter.

    Katha says we matter!

    The Katha Magic Labs are designed especially for us! It teaches us to Read the World, tempts us with lots and LOTS of books and ideas, and makes us curious discoverers! TADAA!

    And then, when we start enjoying stories, we jump into reading -- at our pace!

Learning is a game called happiness at our magic labs!

Teaching us the way we want to learn is like inspiring a bee to gently take off!
     Our dream? To become district collectors, aeroplane pilots, teachers, doctors, dancers, chefs, painters with international repute.
We want to know everything! Science, technology, engineering, maths, social and earth sciences. The arts!

But we are scared
of reading & writing 
We need your patience; your excellence:)

Be a warrior against poverty with us!

volunteer at

or write to us!

about katha

Katha is an award-winning "profit-for-all" registered voluntary organization. Started in 1988 by a single volunteer, we are today, 34 years later, a fun-living Katha Family, working across India. 

     In Tamil Nadu, our flagship initiative is with children of the Adi Dravidar, Adivasi, Dalit  and Muslim communities of Tiruvallur District.

    Bhim!Unbuk way of teaching respects our children, teaching them the way they want to learn.

Our Team

The 300 Million Citizens' Clallenge

India has 300 million children in schools today. 50% of our schoolgoing children cannot read to save their lives.

The 300 Million Citizens' Challenge is a national programme. It works with children from underserved communities, with many partners, across India. (

     Our work in Tamil Nadu is an extension of the 300 Million Challenge.

     Working with fabulous partners, we reach quality to the last mile!


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