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about us

Just imagine ...

A deschool that's as much fun

As playing with dung beetles!

Or like racing with the wind!

Just imagine! 

A deschool that teaches me

The way I want to learn!   


This is what our communities & kids & teachers are trying to create for ourselves!

our story
translating stories
transforming lives

We are Katha! And we have a new & gripping story that few have heard.

     For 70+ years our children from the Adivasi and Dalit communities have waited for equitable quality education that is fun and relevant.

     Katha has a game-changing plan to teach children the way they want to learn. The  பீம்!அன்புக் way of teaching children from nonliterate families.

     We want our children to get 21st century skills alongside their traditional knowledge that will help them continue to live with nature -- to combat climate change even as they learn how to come out of entrenched poverty, with quality, sustained education. 

KATHA was started in 1988 by Geeta Dharmarajan to enhance the joy of reading and the love of books (, we have come a long way in these 34 years.

     Geeta now leads kadl as we take flight into the interiors of India ...

     For more...

    Want to help our youth warriors? Join the ACTION! 😊

Disrupting poverty in the classrooms.
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story centre   | learning centre

Katha Vilasam | Katha Magic LAbs


Katha is proud and privileged to work with the
Government of Tamil Nadu, Tiruvallur District
with the Sreyas Trust, Chennai.

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