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We originate from
india's first innovators

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Most of us are india's children from suppressed communities.
Join our war against poverty

of us, youth warriors, live in rural India.




years after india's independence, we,  still await  quality education


Katha Magic Labs

teach us the way we want to learn.


we all belong to
one home. India!

we are the 1st kids of india

Learning is a game called happiness!

in the Katha Magic Labs

Learning is truly magical! Why?  

Our Curriculum for Life starts with StoryPedagogy and we learn from storybooks that are written specially for us. They inspire us to gently take off! To become

warriors against poverty!

The teachers I met have a great spirit and so much to give. It broadened my horizon and I hope Katha will continue reaching out for children and their dreams. -- Sophie Trauer, Volunteer

"… a wonderfully inspiring visit to Katha. The image emblazoned in my mind is the stark contrast between what you have created and the slums behind [it]. -- Niall Dunne, Director, BT, UK.

Katha … By establishing Reading Campaigns, re-education and culture linking … have made a difference! -- Aghoo Review

 ... inspirational work.

Leawik Blan, Asian Education Foundation, University of Melbourne, Australia.

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about katha

Katha is an award-winning "profit-for-all" registered voluntary organization. Started in 1988 by a single volunteer, we are today, 35 years later, a fun-loving Katha Family, working across India. 

     In Tamil Nadu, our flagship initiative is with children of the Adi Dravidar, Adivasi, Dalit  and Muslim communities of Tiruvallur District.

    The Bhim!Unbuk Way of Teaching respects our children, and teaching them the way they want to learn. They learn from their own cultureal knowledge, from "Human Books" and stories written by children, and adults who love fantasy and making children laugh!

Our Team

The 300 Million Citizens' Clallenge

India has 300 million children in schools today. 50% of our schoolgoing children cannot read to save their lives.

The 300 Million Citizens' Challenge is a national programme. It works with children from underserved communities, with many implementing partners, across India. (

     Our work with India's First Children, in Tamil Nadu is an extension of the 300 Million Challenge.

     Working with fabulous partners, we reach quality to the last mile!


join the team! be a volunteer!

     Are you excited about children? Do you like to share your skills garnered over the years?

   If you are a  Photographer, Filmmaker, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Actor?  Writer or music composer?

    Our children are waiting to learn from you! Write to us at

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